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Lice probe
BAA07 33 Lice probes
Lice probes deployed in Battle 36.
Type Mobile probe
Purpose Intelligence gathering
Creator Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB)
Users Alita
Debut Battle 36

The lice probe, known in Japan as Gonzaemon, was a special robotic probe created by the Ground Investigation Bureau that was used by the TUNED. They were shaped like sea lice and could skitter along the ground. Lice probes carried various sensors to check the nearby terrain for mines or traps. Alita dropped them from beneath her cloak, but it is not clear if they were stored in containers in a similar manner as the missile bees. In order to correctly gather intelligence the probes had to be linked to the G.I.B.'s computer systems. Nearby dangers could then be superimposed onto the agent's visuals to help avoid them.