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Lily (リリ Rirī?) was a member of the Starship Cult who functioned as Springfoot Jack's assistant and weapon, functioning as a human sword. Like him, she was also a graduate of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS).


Lily was a tall, slender woman with short, straight hair. She wore clown makeup on her lips and around her eyes as part of her outfit, which included a short, sleeveless dress with a separated spiked collar, gloves, striped leggings, and high heels. She previously had longer dark hair that was done up in a ponytail and was wearing a white sleeveless shirt and Bermuda shorts when she was tested by Springfoot Jack.


Lily did not display any emotion or personality except for robotically obeying Jack's commands without fail, suggesting that she was under a permanent state of hypnosis.


Along with Moon Child, Lily was the only one to survive Jack's seven tests, suggesting a high degree of mental and physical resilience. As a result of his hypnosis she was able to take on any form that he commanded and in her human sword form was resistant to even the Titan Blade.


BAALO07 135 Jack's tests

Jack testing Lily and Moon Child in a flashback in Phase 42.

The SNS dropped Lily off on Luna, where she was found on Guyot in ES 582 by Springfoot Jack, himself a fellow SNS graduate. Alongside Moon Child, who Jack also found on Guyot, Lily was hypnotized and put through seven brutal tests. Both survived and were taken into The Phenomena, the traveling circus troupe Jack had founded.[1] Lily at one point began serving as Jack's assistant.


Starship Cult Arc[]

BAALO07 127 Death of Lily

Lily's body dissolves when Jack crashes into her in Phase 41.

In Round 2 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, the Starship Cult was matched up against the Space Angels. Jack and Lily appeared after Darbhanga had been taken out by Elf and Zwölf. Jack suggested a game of Russian roulette to the pair, appearing to draw empty chambers when he pointed and fired a Smith & Wesson Model 500 on first Lily, then himself. Soon after Sechs joined the match, he tried to attack Jack with the Titan Blade, but was blocked by Jack with Lily, who had been commanded to take the form of a human sword. Jack counterattacked by blinding Sechs with a sticky substance fired from a squirt gun inside his mouth, then threw Zwölf at him after commanding her to take form of a human boomerang. This distracted Sechs long enough for Jack to then leap into the air with Lily and attempt to cut him in half from above. Sechs however, displaying a sense of strategy, mimicked Jack's voice and commanded Lily to take the form of a human flan. The trick worked as Lily obeyed, her body dissolving when Jack crashed into her as he was too surprised to command her to resume her human sword form.


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