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BAA02 14 lycanthropazine
The lycanthropazine's effect on Megil in Battle 8.
Type Illegal drug
Creator Megil
Users Megil
Debut Battle 8

The lycanthropazine, known in Japan as the werewolf pill, was a drug that was developed by Megil.


The drug's name was derived from lycanthropy, the ability or power of a human being to undergo transformation into a wolf, or to gain wolf-like characteristics. It caused the psyche to regress and brought out the bestial attack instinct. The user's belief that they have become a beast was so strong that their body could transform and bring out latent capabilities to their limits.[1]


Megil took the lycanthropazine as a last resort by injecting it directly into his brain when he was confronted by Alita in an abandoned factory in ES 578.[2] This transformed him into an extremely muscular, psychotic werewolf strong enough to tear through concrete pillars and rip his own cyborg bodyguards to shreds. However he was no match for Alita, who was able to easily defeat him even when she set it up to make it look like Hugo had delivered the killing blow after he stepped in and tried to save her.


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