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M.I.B. Machine
BAA09 22 MIB Machine
M.I.B. Machine 36 in Battle 48.
Type Killer robot
Purpose Protection of the secret of Tiphares
Security against external threats
Creator Medical Inspection Bureau (M.I.B.)
Users M.I.B.
Debut Battle 48

The M.I.B. Machine (MIB マシン MIB Mashin?) was one of the killer robots that was operated by the Tipharean Medical Inspection Bureau (M.I.B.). It was not originally named in the manga, but is named in Gunnm: Martian Memory.


M.I.B. Machines were light coloured robots which had a single sensor eye mounted on a head supported by a long, curved neck. Their bodies featured human-like breasts on the front with a tripod-like suspension system. Initially the front was marked with the M.I.B. initials above a number, but the number was later omitted from the machines that appear in Last Order. They were armed with a pair of syringe guns which fired syringe missiles. M.I.B. Machines appeared to be on standby, their actions triggered when the existence of the brain bio-chips was discovered. In Gunnm: Martian Memory they are an off-white. They can communicate, teleport, and fire volleys of syringe missiles.


Battle Angel Alita[]

After Ground Investigation Bureau (GIB) chief Bigott Eizenburg sliced open his own head to find out for himself if the bio-chips did exist, he went insane and walked back into the GIB office and revealing their existence to the other personnel present. He was quickly killed by M.I.B. Machine 36, which then killed all of the operators, as they too had learned of the secret. This effectively shut down the GIB.

Last Order[]

BAALO02 14 Machines deploy

M.I.B. Machines deploying from one of the larger killer robots in Phase 7.

M.I.B. Machines were among the killer robots triggered by Desty Nova's public revelation of the brain bio-chips. The Tiphareans managed to knock out some and take their syringe guns. Several were deployed by one of the larger robots when it broke into the adults' compound and was disabled by the women led by Marge Mahan. Alita destroyed the attacking M.I.B. Machines before they could cause serious casualties. After the defeat of Sachumodo the survivors gained control of the MIB and the rest of the killer robots were presumably shut down or destroyed with Alita's help.

Other appearances[]

M.I.B. Machines appear in Gunnm: Martian Memory as enemy characters after the story moves to Salem. One delivers the M.I.B.'s judgment to Lou Collins before she is cast out of the Dust Chamber, and they are later spawned by Melchizedek during the first part of the boss fight.

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