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M14 rifle
BAALO09 158 Arthur with M14
Arthur Farrell with the the Bradley Shelter's M14 in Phase 54.
Type Battle rifle
Purpose One of the symbols of leadership of the Bradley Shelter
Creator Springfield Armory
Users Marcus
Arthur Farrell
Debut Phase 49

The M14 rifle is an American selective fire automatic rifle firing 7.62x51mm NATO ammunition. Used by various countries prior to the Geo Catastrophe in ES 55, it was one of the symbols of leadership of the Bradley Shelter. Arthur Farrell used it to apparently kill Vilma Fachiri in ES 126, launching his legend and catapulting him into a tremendous position of power that he held for the rest of his life.[1]


The Bradley Shelter was located in a former military facility[2], where the M14 was likely found, becoming one of the very few functional firearms that the shelter's residents possessed. Along with a fur stole, it became one of the symbols of leadership of the Bradley Shelter. Its foreend was wrapped in fur and the magazine was bandaged. It is possible that the M14 had a limited ammunition supply as Arthur Farrell also brought his bow and arrows when he led a group of residents to fight Victor Byron.[3]


Marcus was the leader of the Bradley Shelter in ES 126 when Vilma Fachiri stayed overnight at Arthur Farrell's insistence and attended the funeral of his grandfather John. Although he had read Arthur's report, Vilma's presence nonetheless surprised Marcus, and he threatened her with the M14 when he saw her. After Arthur rushed to Vilma's defense, his fiancee Haruka broke up the fight and Marcus reluctantly agreed to let Vilma stay.

BAALO09 59 Leadership transfer

Marcus passes on the symbols of leadership of the Bradley Shelter to Arthur: the M14 and the stole in Phase 51.

Two days later following Haruka's death at the hands of Victor Byron, Merlin spontaneously rebooted on its own, predicting that the prolonged impact winter would end and that humanity would prosper in the stars. Arthur had the prophecy relayed to the entire shelter, vowing victory over winter and the vampires. His galvanization of the shelter prompted Marcus to step down and hand over the leadership of the Bradley Shelter and its symbols to Arthur.

Armed with the M14, Arthur then led a large group against Victor and Vilma. After the Sun broke through and ended the impact winter, allowing Vilma to defeat and kill Victor, the previously frozen Mississippi River began to thaw. After Victor's body fell into the river, Arthur shot Vilma twice, apparently killing her. This was later memorialized in a giant statue built in Star City depicting him holding the M14 aloft in triumph.[1]