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M2 Browning
BAA08 112 M2
Koyomi firing an M2 in Battle 45.
Type Heavy machine gun
Creator John Browning
Users Barjack
Convoy armoured cars
Debut Battle 31

The M2 Browning is a heavy machine gun designed by American firearms designer John Browning. Widely used by the United States military, it was rediscovered and manufactured by the Barjack, serving as one of their most commonly used weapons.

After she joined the Barjack, Koyomi served as an armoured car turret gunner. A photo of her with Fury in a turret that was taken by B.B. Buick was sold widely, making her something of a celebrity among the Barjack.[1]


The M2s used by the Barjack were all vehicle-mounted andy served as the main armament for armoured cars, which were configured to have a roof turret for a gunner. M2s were also placed on dune buggies and heavier vehicles such as the Barjack tank.


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