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Zazie wielding the MK21 MSG in Phase 90.
Type Multi-stack gun
Creator Donner
Users Zazie
Debut Phase 88

The MK21 MSG is a multi-stack gun manufactured by Donner. It was used by Zazie in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Finals.


A man-portable version of artillery that would normally be mounted on a vehicle, the MK21 has a multitude of barrels grouped within three vertical arrays, with the largest array on top and the smallest in the middle. It uses caseless ammunition with an electronic firing system and is capable of firing thousands of rounds a second. The MK21 can be wielded single-handed by using a strap for support. It has a short stock and a sight mounted above the trigger. It is depicted as being an off-white on the cover of Last Angel Standing.


Zazie equipped the MK21 for the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Finals, using it as part of a combination attack against Rakan when she fired three high explosive grenades at him with the KZ90. When Rakan closed on her to avoid the grenades, Zazie fired the MK21, blasting out thousands of rounds. One of these impacted a grenade in flight, catching Rakan in the resulting explosion. However he was able to use the explosion as cover and get within striking range, slicing off Zazie's arm holding the MK21. This turned out to be one of the exo-arms that she had equipped however, enabling her to blast him back with a pair of pistols using her real arms.


  • The gun is based on the stacked firing system licensed by the Australian company Metal Storm, specifically the "Big Bertha", prototype a 36-barreled stacked projectile machine gun.

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