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Macheko (マチャクオ Matyakuo?) was a hunter-warrior who was one of the victims of the Sonic Finger. He only appears in the side story Supersonic Fingers.


Macheko had a large mane of fair hair, which was accented by his angled face. He dressed in dark clothing consisting of a sleeveless leather jacket, shorts, and socks. His shorts and jacket had sheaths for his shuriken.


Macheko was a practitioner of Negishi Ryu Shurikenjutsu. His technique was so good that at 50 m the precision and power of his throws were equivalent to a .50 caliber bullet, and he was accurate enough to hit a motorball coming at him at 300 km/h.


Well known in the Western District of the Scrapyard, Macheko was unrivaled and absolutely confident of his abilities. He sought a challenge by looking for the Sonic Finger, but met his match. He was found dead the next day, shot through both eyes and his tongue, with his shuriken deflected by ball bearings.


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