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BAA04 66 Madosen
Madosen in Battle 18.
Number 72
League Second
Nicknames "Amazing"
Debut Battle 18

Madosen (マドセン Madosen?) is a Second League motorball player who competed in Alita's Second League debut race.


Madosen has a bipedal light coloured motorball body and a narrow head that has a vertical cleft in the forehead and a long, narrow, slit-like mouth.


During Alita's Second League debut race Madosen started out near the back, just behind Alita and next to Chakram. He managed to survive the carnage that characterised this race and was one of the last four players left. Madosen was in the last position behind Tiegel just before Alita and Zafal Takié competed for the motorball. He presumably finished the race last.


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