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Maggot Body
BAA01 75 Maggot Body
Makaku in Battle 3.
Type Cyborg body
Creator Desty Nova
Users Makaku
Debut Battle 3

The Maggot Body was a customized cyborg body that Desty Nova created for Makaku.


The body embodied Makaku's innermost desires, featuring a very large head topped with a spike that could be fired as a weapon. Although Makaku was a young boy when he acquired the body, the head's facial features were of a much older man. It had a long tongue and the tendency to slobber. The head was attached to a long, snakelike cyborg body that terminated in a spiked tail. Despite not having any limbs, the body was very fast and could also swim. It was specially adapted for hijacking and taking over larger cyborg bodies which gave Makaku capabilities that the Maggot Body lacked. If need be, it could quickly detach to allow him to escape.


Makaku received the Maggot Body in ES 574[1] after sustaining severe burns that became infected in the fetid environment of the Scrapyard sewers, causing his body to rot. He was found and rescued by Desty Nova but as his original human body was no longer functional, Nova asked him for whatever body he wanted. Makaku used the Maggot Body to wreak havoc on the surface, stealing larger and more powerful bodies which he would use to attack people and thus obtain the endorphins from their brains.


BAA01 147 Makaku

Makaku extends his Maggot Body from the Power Body to make a point in Battle 5.

During Makaku's first fight with Alita, Daisuke Ido destroyed the larger cyborg body that Makaku was inhabiting with the rocket hammer, but he escaped and was able to fire his head spike and impale Ido through the stomach. After escaping to the sewers, Makaku returned to the scene of the fight and cobbled together a makeshift body using Izuchi's limbs. In this disguise, he infiltrated the Coliseum arena where Kinuba was fighting and took over the champion's Power Body after the latter had finished a bout.

Despite the capabilities of this new body, Makaku was unable to defeat Alita, who had received the Berserker Body. After it sustained critical damage, he was able to escape but suffered mortal wounds when the Power Body exploded. His attempt to commit double suicide with Alita failed, and he told her his story. After this, he was consumed by the flames of the hydrogen that he had triggered.

Other appearances[]

The Maggot Body does not appear by itself in Gunnm: Martian Memory. Makaku fires his head spike at Ido while still in his larger cyborg body, with which he escapes into the sewers. He later appears in the Power Body.


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