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The Makaku Arc is the second story arc of Battle Angel Alita.


After learning that Ido is a Hunter Warrior, Alita decides to become one as well (in part due to her combat prowness and desire to fight). While this is going on, several people have been attacked by a bounty known as Makaku, eating their brains to give him adrenaline. Alita tracks him down with Ido and challenges him as her first bounty; laughing at this, Makaku is surprised when Alita effortlessly tears apart one of his arms with a well placed kick. Vowing revenge, Makaku shreds Alita's body apart and shoots a spear into Ido's side before retreating. Ido barely is able to get to a phone and calls Gonzu to get them both; after being brought back to his clinic, Ido is patched up and saved by his friend. Having vowed to get Alita a stronger body, he decides to take Gonzu and an unconscious Alita down below into his storage room. There, he unlocks a powerful body he discovered years ago: the Berserker Body. He instructs Gonzu in the operation and Alita awakens some time later; she tests the body out and it proves to have been a success. As Ido and Gonzu sleep, Alita practices some more and vows to track down Makaku and take him down no matter what.

After Makaku manages to take the body of coliseum champion Kinuba, he returns to Bar Kansas and abducts Koyomi, destroying the bar and taunting Alita to come after him. They soon fight in the sewers and Alita gets Koyomi to safety thanks to Duke Fang. She then engages with Makaku and gets the upper hand after destroying both arms with plasma. In a last ditch effort, Makaku wraps his body around Alita and tries to trigger an explosion due to his tail getting damaged in the attack; Alita narrowly manages to generate a ball of plasma that encases both of them and are protected from the blast. After learning about Makaku's past, Alita accepts the former's request to die and observes him getting incinerated.

Story Impact[]

Alita is given the Berserker Body and establishes herself as a Hunter Warrior; her debut and calling out of the others in Bar Kansas causes one of them, Zapan, to harbor a grudge against her. The first hints regarding Desty Nova are revealed, having been the one to save Makaku's life as a child. Alita also saves the life of Koyomi, causing Master to see her in a much more favorable light than before.

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