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Marge Mahan (マージ・マハン Māji Mahan?) is a Tipharean woman who is Pam Mahan's assigned mother. She became the leader of the survivors following the civil war that gripped Tiphares in the wake of Desty Nova's public revelation of the brain bio-chips.






Marge survived the chaos that overtook Tiphares but was separated from Pam. Unlike the other adults who were influenced by Casey Roscoe, Marge sought to bring peace to Tiphares by reconciling the warring competing factions of adults led by Casey and the children and teenagers led by his son Jim. She had succeeded in bringing the women over to her side when they were confronted by a trio of men who challenged Marge for welcoming Pam back. However with Alita's support the three were beat up on by the women and Marge was able to assume the leadership of the adults. After Sachumodo was defeated by Alita, Marge emerged as the leader of the Tipharean survivors.

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