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BAALO03 89 Mars
Mars in Phase 15.
Part of Solar System
Type Planet
Debut Battle 17

Mars (火星 Kasei?) is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System. The planet is named after the Roman god of war, Mars. It is Alita's birthplace and the home of Panzer Kunst. The planet has been settled, but is currently in a state of civil war with four different groups vying for control.


More than 80% of the surface is covered by a canopy of self-repairing nanomachines, which restricts space access. Orbiting mirror satellites are used to supplement the insufficient sunlight, which leads to disputes over them. Olympus Spaceport located in a caldera on Olympus Mons is the sole public spaceport.[1] Hellas Colony is the site of the Universal Karate Championship every 1.88 Earth years.[2]

Political situation[]

BAALO03 47 MKP delegation to LADDER

The Mars Kingdom Parliament delegation to LADDER headed by Queen Limeira in ES 591 in Phase 15.

In ES 591, control of the planet is contested by the following four factions:


Colonisation of Mars was mentioned at the end of Battle Angel Alita when Alita and Desty Nova confronted Melchizedek, but the planet's history was expanded on in Last Order.

Mars has the oldest history of human settlement, with the first immigration in ES 53 preceding the Geo Catastrophe two years later. It took over a hundred years after the end of the impact winter in ES 126 before construction of a full-scale colony began in ES 235. However, Mars' hospitable environment, which includes a breathable atmosphere, and the ease of immigration, resulted in over settlement and prolonged civil war. Tiger Sauer at some point emigrated to Mars during the early colonial period. He established a training colony named Grünthal in the Noctis Labyrinthus, where his five best pupils taught.[3]

The planet was a battleground during the Terraforming Wars, during which Berserker cells created by the République Vénus littered the battlefields.[4] In ES 386[5] the Jovian intelligence bureau recruited the Mauser School's secret unit, the Kammer Gruppe, to carry out a top secret mission to sever the alliance between Venus and the Earth Orbitary Federation by targeting Melchizedek.[6] The task fell to Yoko, who successfully infiltrated Ketheres and was able to upload Program Guinevere, triggering the full-on Gestalt breakdown of Melchizedek. While this resulted in the destruction of four of the five Leviathan-class space colony ships, Yoko was captured by Caerula Sanguis and it was discovered that a Künstler was behind the attack. The Jovians betrayed Grünthal and the major powers agreed to a ceasefire, jointly destroying the training colony by bombardment. Grünthal became extinct, so did Panzer Kunst, with the exception of a few remaining practitioners.


BAALO14 34-35 Operation Hagel

Olympus Spaceport during Operation Hagel in Phase 82.

In ES 591 the Neo-Third Reich Division seized Olympus Spaceport. This resulted in Operation Hagel, a joint military operation that involved LADDER and the other three Martian factions. The Mars Kingdom Parliament had temporary control over the spaceport following its recovery, which allowed the Stellar Nursery Society to be granted asylum during the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament a month later.[7]


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Live Action film Portrayal[]

Little is mentioned of Mars in the live action film by 20th Century Fox, except for the fact that Earth and Mars in the 23rd Century A.D. engaged in a devastating war that plunged Earth into a Dark Age and rendered Mars mostly uninhabitable due to the destruction of the Martian atmosphere and biosphere by nanites. The governmental factions in the live action film continuity are different with Earth's colonial empire before The Fall being referred to as the Imperium, Mars territories being referred to as the United Republics of Mars, or the URM. The Berserker Bodies and Damascus Blades also originated from the great war which caused The Fall in the film continuity, being part of the Martian Soldiers' arsenal in the Apocalyptic War.