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Mars Front der Befreien
Japanese name 火星解放戦線
Romanized name Kasei kaihō sensen
English name Mars Front der Befreien
Origin Mars
Affiliations Jupiter System Union
Type Front organization
Debut Mentioned in Phase 15

The Mars Front der Befreien (German for "Mars Liberation Front"[1]), also referred to as the MFB, is one of four factions fighting for control of Mars. Sponsored by the Jupiter System Union, the objective of the MFB is to unify Mars and have it join the Union.[2]


The MFB's commando unit, K Truppe, was one of the military units that participated in Operation Hagel to recapture Olympus Spaceport from the Neo-Third Reich Division a month before the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591.


Like its rival the Mars Republik Heer, the MFB engages in the killing of children outright or kidnapping and conscripting them for use in juvenile infantry.[3]


  1. Interestingly 'Mars Front der Befreien' makes no sense in German. 'Befreien' does not exist in this context, except if it was 'befreien' (lowercase). Also 'Befreiten' (Liberated) and 'Befreienden' (liberating) does not make sense. The correct choice would be 'Befreiung' (liberation.) So correctly it should be 'Mars Front der Befreiung' or possibly better 'Mars Befreiungsfront' (genetive case).
  2. Phase 15 - The political situation on Mars is described.
  3. Phase 16 - König mentions that the MFB and MRH both use juvenile infantry.