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Mars Kingdom Parliament
BAALO03 47 MKP delegation to LADDER
The Mars Kingdom Parliament delegation to LADDER in Phase 15.
Origin Mars
Affiliations LADDER
Type Constitutional monarchy
Notable members Queen Limeira
General Yazuiji
Minister Jo Hann
Debut Phase 15

The Mars Kingdom Parliament (火星王国議会派 Kasei Ōkoku Gikai-ha?) is one of four factions fighting for control of Mars and a constitutional monarchy sponsored by LADDER. The current head of state is Queen Limeira.


The Kingdom Parliament is sanctioned by the Treaty of 387.[1] Despite this, the Jupiter System Union and République Vénus, two of the Solar System's superpowers, each sponsor their own proxies which are fighting for control of Mars with the aim of having it join their respective patrons.

The prior head of state of the Kingdom Parliament, King Remsen, was assassinated for reasons unknown on Aga Mbadi's orders. He was succeeded by his daughter Limeira.


In ES 591, three months before the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT), Limeira led a delegation to LADDER session that convinced the delegates to give the Kingdom Parliament three months of aid and the support of a corps of New Order troops[1] to recapture Olympus Spaceport from the Neo-Third Reich Division. Following the session, Mbadi told Queen Limeira privately that he desired that the Kingdom Parliament unify Mars. On their way to rendezvous with New Order on Leviathan I, Zazie discovered stowaways on their ship in the form of Alita and her companions. After she and Alita got into a fight, Alita rescued Limeira when she ventured out from the ship to break it up. This earned her goodwill and the stowaways were allowed to continue to Leviathan I.

On Leviathan I Zazie briefly accompanied Alita into the Combat Chamber in an effort to save Giraud's platoon. After this failed, they went on to capture all the flags in the Chamber, which delayed the Kingdom Parliament's departure for Mars.

Back on Mars, the Mars Kingdom Parliament Army played a lead role in Operation Hagel, a joint military operation in cooperation with units of the Kingdom Parliament's rivals, the Mars Front der Befreien and the Mars Republik Heer to recover Olympus Spaceport.[2] Despite the appearance of Frau X, Hagel was successful, later allowing the Kingdom Parliament to grant the Stellar Nursery Society asylum during Round 2 of the ZOTT.[3]


The Kingdom Parliament rejects Methuselyzation, believing that human life has meaning because of the natural cycle of life and death.[1] Unlike two of their rival factions, the Mars Front der Befreien and the Mars Republik Heer, the Kingdom Parliament does not use children as juvenile infantry.

Other appearances[]

In Gunnm: Martian Memory Mars is ruled by a monarchy and has an embassy to LADDER. Limeira is the princess and eventually succeeds her mother to become queen.


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