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Mars Republik Heer
Japanese name 火星共和国軍
Romanized name Kasei kyōwa kokugun
English name Mars Republik Heer
Origin Mars
Affiliations République Vénus
Type Front organization
Debut Mentioned in Phase 15

The Mars Republik Heer (German for "Mars Republic Army," which it is also known as in addition to its initials, MRH) is one of four factions fighting for control of Mars. Sponsored by the République Vénus, the objective of the MRH is to unify Mars and have it join the République.


Part of the MRH's territory includes Hellas Colony, which has been peaceful for 120 years. It is the site of the Universal Karate Championship.[1]

No MRH units participated in Operation Hagel. The Venus Foreign Legion, the Venusian airborne regiment, was deployed instead.


Like its rival the Mars Front der Befreien, the MRH engages in the killing of children outright or kidnapping and conscripting them for use in juvenile infantry.[2]


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  2. Phase 16 - König mentions that the MFB and MRH both use juvenile infantry.