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Martin Company
BAALO03 174 Martin
Martin Tsang, the owner of Martin Company, in Phase 18.
Affiliations Space Angels
Part of Leviathan 1
Type Commodities distributor
Debut Phase 24 (mentioned)

Martin Company is the main commodities distributor on Leviathan 1. It is owned by Martin Tsang.


Martin Tsang set up business on Leviathan 1 following the defeat of his friend and partner in crime Ping Wu by Trinidad after the former hacked into Melchizedek and attacked the inaugural Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT) in ES 491.[1] A hundred years later, Martin Company had become the main commodities distributor.


Despite the major fight that Ping and Martin got into after meeting face to face for the first time in a century, Martin agreed to aid his old friend after Ping declared that he would storm Ketheres again. Martin Company sponsored the Space Angels when they competed in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament and allowed them to use a a cargo ship as a base during the competition.[2] The Space Angels went on to become one of two private teams to make it to the ZOTT finals for the first time in tournament history, eventually capturing the tournament crown.


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