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Martin Company Cargo 502
BAALO05 34 Cargo 502
Cargo 502 docked at the Onion Frame in Phase 26.
Type Cargo ship
Purpose Space Angels' base during the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament
Users Space Angels
Martin Company
Debut Phase 26

Martin Company Cargo 502 is a cargo ship that serves as the Space Angels' base during the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT). It is owned by Martin Company, the team's sponsor.


Cargo 502 is equipped with medical and repair facilities for the tournament participants. It has a sophisticated computer terminal and analysis equipment for Ping Wu's use, and he used the ship as the base for his hacking.


The ship was docked at hangar bay 5 of the Onion Frame for the ZOTT.[1] From his terminal inside Cargo 502 Ping prevented Aga Mbadi from hacking Alita in public after the Space Angels passed the Preliminary round. He also hacked into the Onion Frame's surveillance system to generate fake audio and video, allowing him to move freely outside the ship.[2] Following Round 1, he determined that the earring that Caerula Sanguis gave Alita is the Fata Morgana.[3]

Ping and Porta-Nova supported Alita from Cargo 502 when she infiltrated Melchizedek during Round 2. When they were discovered by Mbadi in his avatar as Trinidad, Ping held him off while Alita and Porta-Nova continued the mission. Ping sustained severe injuries when he was forced to blow off his limbs to prevent the spread of Trinidad's Eclipse attack before being defeated in cyberspace. Mbadi then had three High Order troops infiltrate the ship and attack Ping, but they were swiftly dispatched by Elf and Zwölf.[4] Although Sechs then publicly accused Mbadi of the attack with the dead troops as evidence, Zekka's arrival provided enough of a distraction to prevent the matter from going further.

When Zazie collapsed following the Block-B Semifinals match, she was brought to one of the medical rooms. Here Alita healed her of the effects of the Dim Mak-like Panzer Kunst move that Frau X had attacked her with a month before on Mars, discovering an encoded message in the soliton waves that were reverberating inside Zazie's head.


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