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For the old woman who lived across from Beretta, see Beretta's neighbour.

Marvin (マーヴィン Māvu~in?) was Beretta's next door neighbour.


A large cyborg, Marvin had a near apelike appearance with a large chin and small eyes. He wore a cap and sleeveless shirt, over which were paint-stained overalls, given his job as a house painter.


Marvin lived in the apartment next to Beretta's and knew both her and Snev. When the latter mentioned the mysterious man who had been hanging around outside the apartment complex and offered to take care of him if he bothered Beretta, she told him not to worry, as Marvin was her neighbour. Marvin himself happened to pass by her open door at that moment and was greeted by Snev, responding monosyllabically. Just after Snev was recalled by Team Spandau, he visited Beretta and found out from an old woman who lived across from her that she had been killed the night before by one of her customers, who also killed Marvin when he tried to intervene.