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Matt Greenfield
Matt Greenfield 2006-10
Greenfield in October 2006.
English name Matt Greenfield
Aliases Brian Granveldt
Occupation Producer
Voice actor
Nationality American
Spouse Tiffany Grant

Matt Greenfield is the co-founder of the now defunct North American anime distributor A.D. Vision, the parent company of ADV Films. He also served as the vice president of the company and executive producer of many of its releases until ADV shut down in 2009. Greenfield is married to voice actress and script writer Tiffany Grant.

Battle Angel work[]

Greenfield fulfilled a variety of roles on the OVA. He is credited as the producer and co-ADR director (alongside Amanda Winn Lee, who voiced Gally) as well as for the screenplay. Greenfield also dubbed the English voice of Grewcica, for which he is credited as Brian Granveldt, the name he goes by for voice acting.

His wife Tiffany Grant had a minor role in the OVA as the female victim who was killed by Grewcica and Rasha.

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