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Megil (メギル Megiru?), known in Japan as Megill, was the former head of the Megil Corporation who became a drug dealer and Factory bounty.


Megil was a bald man with a dark, thin beard. He wore sunglasses, a large spiked collar, and a dark jacket over a patterned suit. He used a cane for support. Megil had a cyborg modification to his head that allowed drugs in capsule form to be directly injected into his brain. The lycanthropazine transformed him into a massive, extremely muscular dark-furred werewolf who retained the sunglasses and grew into the collar. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts Megil as a black werewolf.[1]

In Gunnm: Martian Memory, he is a blue werewolf with white paws and red eyes and claws.


The Megil Corporation was a pharmaceutical company that developed the drugs Accel and Adam, which were respectively used to accelerate and slow down motorball players' nervous systems. The drugs were tested on two members of Team Spandau: Accel was tested on Dolagunov, while Adam was tested on Snev. Megil's dealings were eventually exposed, resulting in the Adam Scandal in ES 571.[2] However it was not until the company developed a drug called Brainz that resulted in numerous brain deaths that the company folded and its owners end up on the Factory's bounty list.


BAA02 14 lycanthropazine

Megil's transformation using the lycanthropazine in Battle 8.

In ES 578[2], Alita tracked down Megil to an abandoned factory. He used a lycanthropazine drug that he had been researching on himself to transform into an extremely muscular, psychotic werewolf strong enough to tear through concrete pillars and rip his own cyborg bodyguards to shreds. He proved to be no match against Alita however, who easily broke his arm. Megil lay low after Alita fell through the roof of the factory and lost consciousness, striking again after she had awakened and Hugo had discovered her. Hugo's attempt to protect her inspired Alita to act frightened, although she disabled Megil with a kick to the head that shattered his brain without Hugo noticing. Hugo then took advantage of Megil's paralysis to smash his head in with a pipe.

More than a decade later he made a cameo appearance when Alita was trapped in Desty Nova's Ouroboros Program and she tried to anticipate which enemy from her past would confront her in the first dream scenario.[3]

Other appearances[]

Gally vs

The boss fight against Megil.

Megil is a boss character in Gunnm: Martian Memory and only appears in his werewolf form.


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