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Megil Corporation
BAA02 13 Megil
Megil, the founder of the Megil Corporation, in Battle 8.
Origin Scrapyard
Affiliations Team Spandau
Type Pharmaceutical drug developer
Notable members Megil
Debut Race 2 (mentioned)

The Megil Corporation (メギル商会 Megiru Shōkai?) was a Scrapyard pharmaceutical drug developer that created Accel and Adam. It was named after its founder, Megil, who later became a Factory bounty.


Megil developed two different drugs which had completely opposite effects on a motorball player's nervous system: Accel enhanced it, while Adam caused it to downshift. The corporation colluded with Team Spandau to test both drugs on its players. Dolagunov used Accel, while Snev was given Adam without his knowledge. Their respective results were polar opposites as Dolagunov won race after race, while Snev could not finish a single race and forced himself to crash each time. Megil planned to corner the market with Accel, then secretly dose certain players with Adam, rigging the system by programming the winners and losers and winning every bet.

The plan went awry when Ben, Team Spandau's manager, left a bag containing a sample of Adam with Beretta. After hearing Snev's story, she realised that his crashing was not normal and hid the bag away in a storage locker, telling her friend Lorna what to do in the event of her death. After an assassin hired by Megil to track the bag down who killed Beretta, Snev narrowly escaped him. He was subsequently met by Lorna and after she took him to Holmegolud's place they were able to piece together what was going on based on what the engineer had overhead between Koba, the team doctor, and Ben. When they went to retrieve the bag, the assassin appeared again to stop them and was killed by Snev. Holmegolud turned the Adam sample over to the Motorball Commission, which caused the dissolution of Team Spandau. The Megil Corporation survived the ensuing Adam Scandal in ES 571,[1] but later created a drug called Brainz which caused numerous brain deaths. This put its owners on the bounty list, caused the company's collapse.


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