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BAALO08 27 Inside Melchizedek
Alita and her companions dive into Melchizedek in Phase 45.
Type quantum supercomputer
Creator Arthur Farrell's government
Users Tiphares (Battle Angel Alita)
Ketheres (Last Order)
Debut Final Fight

Melchizedek (メルキゼデク Merukizedeku?) is a quantum supercomputer housed within Ketheres used to run Jacob's Ladder. It is also capable of predicting possible future outcomes. Melchizedek played a minor role in Battle Angel Alita, in which it was instead located in Tiphares and was responsible for running the aerial city. It plays a much more substantial role in Last Order.


Originally, Melchizedek was housed in a vast room in the heart of Tiphares in the Medical Inspection Bureau Core Block. It had a large circular core illuminated with lights which was connected to the Dust Chamber. Melchizedek could project two avatars of itself: the first was a grandmotherly old woman with glasses and a bonnet sitting in a chair knitting, and the second a middle aged woman with fair hair, light colored eyes, and light colored clothing.

In Last Order, Melchizedek is housed within Ketheres and can be accessed by those who have the Peacekeeper nanomachine implanted in their brains and are connected to Unanimous. It can also be dived into via terminals in certain locations accessible only to LADDER personnel or by using the Fata Morgana. Accessing Melchizedek this way is depicted as entering a vast universe within which the user appears as a custom avatar. Avatars can engage in physical or cyber combat with each other, which can cause physical harm to the user in real life. Melchizedek itself chooses to generate an avatar in the form of Arthur Farrell.

Other appearances[]

Melchizedek's form was changed in Gunnm: Martian Memory, in which the original room housing Melchizedek instead became the boss Super Dogma. It fires plasma blasts and can also generate M.I.B. Machines. Melchizedek was relocated to Jeru and is housed in a large computer room. It retains its avatar of the old woman, which is sepia in color.


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