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Note that as this page primarily deals with the Japanese releases of merchandise, the Japanese names are used.

Gunnm has seen a limited amount of merchandise released in Japan although there has been merchandise released outside of Japan mostly based on the 2019 film.




  • Gunnm: Complete Edition - A reprint of Gunnm in six volumes in B5 format published by Shueisha beginning in December 1998. It has a different ending to accommodate for the continuation of the story in Last Order.
  • Gunnm: New Edition - A reprint of Gunnm in seven volumes in A5 format published by Shueisha beginning in June 2010.
  • Gunnm: Last Order New Edition - A reprint of Gunnm: Last Order in A5 format published by Kodansha beginning in July 2011.



  • Super Excellent Series Gally doll - Two dolls that were released by Marmit in January 2001.
  • Gally Original Action Figure - An action figure of Gally that was only available as part of the Gunnm: Another Stories Limited Box Edition released by Shueisha in December 2007.
  • Two model kits were released for the original Gunnm. The first one was Gally with the trenchcoat in the Berserker body. The second one was Gally as half robot, half human with angelic wings.
  • A figure was released of the Martian King that is not associated with Gunnm.


  • Gunnm (OVA) - The OVA has been released on laserdisc, VHS, and DVD.
    • Gunnm: Image Album
    • Gunnm: Another Story

A dvd was released with the rer

Video games[]

  • Gunnm: Martian Memory - An action RPG for the PlayStation released by Banpresto in August 1998. This game was only released in Japan.