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For the karateka, see Mercury.
BAALO11 37 Mercurius
Mercurius in Phase 64.
Part of Solar System
Type Planet
Debut Phase 64

Mercurius (水星 Suisei?) is the innermost and smallest planet in the Solar System. Formerly named Mercury, it is now known by the Latin name of its namesake, the Roman messenger god. Anomaly was from Mercurius.


In ES 469 Jean Vares unleashed runaway nanomachines that turned the planet's surface into gray goo as part of his plan to replace man with inorganic life. This became part of the series of nanotechnology-based terrorist incidents committed by Vares known as the Vares Hazard. It is speculated that the surface of Mercurius is as smooth as quicksilver, but no one knows for sure. All attempts to land a probe on the planet have failed as the probes were consumed on contact.

The République Vénus formerly manned a research lab and observatory on Mercurius. Due to the Vares Hazard, the costs of disassembling the gray goo made plans to do so prohibitively expensive. The planet is currently off limits to humans.


More than a century later in ES 591 during the Block-B Quarterfinals match of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT) between the mysterious contestant Anomaly and the Space Karate Forces, the judges determined that Anomaly had originated from Mercurius. This led Aga Mbadi to theorise that a new life form had evolved from the nanomachines without human influence that was complex and possessed some degree of intelligence. He declared that if this was true that it posed a grave problem and had to be investigated. Calling the inhabitants of the planets "Mercurions," he speculated that they might be trying to reach out to the rest of humanity, with Anomaly filling the role of ambassador to communicate nonverbally through the ZOTT. As a result, there was no better person suited to communicate back to Anomaly than a space karateka.[1]