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The "messenger" is an unnamed young woman from the Scrapyard who was hired by Desty Nova to summon Alita to his manor in ES 580.[1] She was not named, but is referred to as the messenger in volume 3 of Gunnm Works.[2]


As she has a tomboyish appearance, the messenger can be easily mistaken for being male. She has a skinny build and is fair skinned and with fair, bushy hair. She wears a cap, sleeveless shirt, dark suspenders, coloured pants and shoes.


After Desty Nova captured Daisuke Ido, he hired the messenger to bring Alita to his manor. She drove to Bar New Kansas in her small truck, where she informed Alita in the courtyard that she was sent there to fetch her on Ido's behalf. Suspecting something, Alita retrieved the Damascus Blade before they set off. They arrived at the remains of the manor around sunset, where the messenger was paid by Nova, who confused her for being male. Alita then learned that Zapan had gained control of the Berserker Body and that she had to stop him. After seeing all this, the messenger decided to help Alita and sped her back to Kansas as fast as possible when a call that Alita made there had a bad connection and her warning did not go through. However they were too late, arriving after Zapan had destroyed the bar, leveling the block.

BAA05 156 Messenger

The messenger sharing her views with Alita in Battle 27.

The following morning the messenger remarked that there was something refreshing about all the destruction that Zapan had wreaked while sitting on top of her truck and having a cigarette. While preparing the collapser Alita opened up about how truly alone she was, to which the messenger replied that this was because she was stronger and better than anyone else, which resulted in her being hated. She argued that people needed to move beyond things they could not change, needed freedom and had to move on if necessary. The messenger was surprised when Alita assembled the Smith & Wesson Model 610 that Nova had given her due to the prohibition on firearms, and was angered by the residents who appeared and ended up begging Alita to take on Zapan so that they would be spared. However she did not try to stop Alita when the latter set off to face Zapan.


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