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Metageitnion Restaurant
BAALO05 38 Metageitnion Restaurant
The restaurant in Phase 26
Japanese name レストラン メタゲイトニオーン
Romanized name Resutoran Metageitoniōn
English name Metageitnion Restaurant
Part of Onion frame
Type Restaurant
Debut Phase 26

The Metageitnion Restaurant is a restaurant in the Onion Frame. Its logo is a coiled serpent.


After winning the Preliminaries of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, the Space Angels stopped by the Metageitnion for a meal after they were greeted by Aga Mbadi, who had tried to hack Alita but had been foiled by Ping Wu. In order to leave their base ship, Ping hacked the surveillance systems, having himself appear as Martin Tsang. At the restaurant, Elf and Zwölf sang a campy song for Ping. A large group of Stellar Nursery Society orphans then burst in, causing havoc with their boisterousness. A Venusian couple had Bub-One, their valet, pick up two for their inspection, noting that they looked tasty. Alita noticed this and confronted the couple, who offered to buy them from her. Reminded of Giraud's example, Alita was in the process of firing up an electromagnetic punch in rage, but was stopped by Saya, who recovered the children then threw Bub-One when he grabbed her. Afterwards, several children played with Deckman 100 while Saya talked with Alita. Caerula Sanguis then appeared along with the rest of the Guntroll, and Alita learned from that they would be facing them next in Round 1.

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