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BAA05 47 Aga Mbadi
Aga Mbadi, shown here in Phase 26, is one of the most prominent beneficiaries of Methuselyzation.
Purpose Indefinite prolongation of human life
Creator République Vénus
Users Aga Mbadi
Rem Ray
Martin Tsang
Ping Wu
Debut Phase 15

Methuselyzation (メトセライズ Metoseraizu?) is a process to halt human aging by installing personal nanomachines into the body. It is named after Methuselah, the oldest person mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. The process makes immortality possible[1], with death only coming through violence or accident[2], suggesting that it also provides immunity from disease. Users of Methuselyzation physically appear at the biological age they were at when they underwent the process. It has been used by various characters such as Aga Mbadi and Ping Wu to prolong their lives.


Methuselyzation was developed by the République Vénus, who had intended to keep it secret. Towards the end of the Terraforming Wars 200 years before the events of Last Order, the process became public knowledge after it was stolen by a 21 year old Ping Wu[3] and put on the interplanetary web in ES 386.[4] Although now available to citizens of the Solar System, in ES 591 Methuselyzation remains unknown to the residents of Tiphares and the Scrapyard. Despite this availability, it is suggested by Molonev Menhir's example that the cost of the process is prohibitive for people of lower socioeconomic status.

A side effect of Methuselyzation has been a decrease in the value of human life. It has made children illegal and redundant in some countries, resulting to the creation and toleration of juvenile infantry schools. On Leviathan I, a Combat Chamber exists in order to serve the nihilistic tendencies of the population, as some place a higher value on death than on life. The Mars Kingdom Parliament on the other hand, believes that human life has meaning because of the natural cycle of life and death and does not take advantage of Methuselyzation.[5]


Methuselyzation was introduced when Aga Mbadi first appeared and mentioned that he would be 222 that year. He later suggested that Limeira undergo the process herself to preserve her youth but she rejected the idea and firmly declared the Kingdom Parliament's policy of following the natural cycle of life and death. After meeting up again with Martin Tsang and getting into a fight with him, Ping ranted about how his efforts had made the world what it was. During Round 1 of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, the Guntroll fled the arena during Alita and Caerula Sanguis' fight and was granted asylum by the Kingdom Parliament, with Limeira emphasizing their support for the Stellar Nursery Society's goals. Ping later recalled how he had stolen Methuselyzation from a Venusian lab after he and Alita were discovered by Mbadi during the infiltration of Melchizedek.


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