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Minois dryas (ジャノメナョウ Janomenayou?), also known as the Evil-Eye Butterfly, is a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family. It is found in Southern and Central Europe up to Central Asia and Japan and is one of the few things that Alita is afraid of. Yukito Kishiro himself lists it as one of his weaknesses.[1]


The butterfly has eye-like patterns on its wings, giving it its nickname. Kishiro describes it on his website as having "some ring designs like eyes of snakes".[1] Its front legs have devolved, leaving with only four. There are 2,500 species of this butterfly in the world.


BAA06 146 Alita's reaction

Alita's panicked reaction to seeing a minois dryas in Battle 33.

Although the butterfly's range does not include the United States, it appears to have spread there over the course of several centuries. In ES 590[2] Alita, Figure Four, and Yolg came under attack at the Boiling Metal Battalion base and holed up in a building. Alita was keeping watch near a window when a minois dryas landed on the windowsill adjacent to her. This threw her into a panic, and she blew away the wall it was on with her pistol, giving away her position to Knucklehead, who was leading a squad of socket soldiers after her. Initially she used up the rest of her ammunition,[3] but this was later changed.[4]

After Alita was captured by the Boiling Metal, Yolg revealed to them that Alita had a phobia of the butterfly. They were able to locate one and place it on the inside door of a makeshift cell were they were holding her to prevent her from attempting to escape. Alita was so paralyzed with fear of the butterfly that she was knocked out when Bozzle came to interrogate her when the battalion camped for the night.


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