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Misha (ミーシャ Mischa?) was one of the female followers of the Starship Cult. Despite being added to the team's roster of combatants during the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament (ZOTT) in ES 591, she became the only member of the Cult to survive its fight against the Space Angels after Sechs spared her.


Misha is young, fair-skinned woman with long, fair hair. Like the other female members of the Starship Cult, she wore a white, sleeveless dress with a ceremonial dagger at her belt.


All of the female members of the Starship Cult had been hypnotised to be in love with and be blindly obedient to Whophon. Misha was thus thrown into a panic when she could not join her fellow cult members in going to the "New World" when she was stopped from committing suicide by Sechs. Despite the predicament she found herself in when she was added to the Starship Cult's roster, she did not panic and accepted her possible death.


Over a hundred young women (including a few Jovians and Venusians) traveled with the Cult wherever they went. At some point, Misha was hypnotized into becoming a follower of Whophon and the cult; like the other followers, she had ignored the pleas of her family and blindly followed them everywhere.


Starship Cult Arc[]

BAALO07 148 Sechs stops Misha

Sechs thwarts Misha's suicide attempt in Phase 42.

During the Starship Cult's match against the Space Angels in Round 2 of the Tenth ZOTT, all of the women came out of the Cult's base and entered the arena to set up Whophon's grand entrance at the top of a pyramid which rose out of the arena floor. Soon after however, the ZOTT judges informed Whophon that the Starship Cult would be disqualified if the women did not leave because their numbers brought the Starship Cult over the contestant limit of five. Whophon then asked his followers to go ahead to the "New World", which caused them all to draw their daggers and fatally stab themselves in a mass suicide.[1] Sechs stopped Misha from killing herself and tossed her off the pyramid when she persisted in attempting to take her own life on Whophon's prompting, knocking her unconscious. Misha revived after Sechs defeated Whophon, and as the last remaining Cult member, was added to their active roster. Although she told Sechs to do what he wanted to her, Sechs decided to spare Misha and walked away as time expired and the Space Angels earned the victory.


  • Along with Caerula Sanguis, Misha is the only other combatatant who faced the Space Angels prior to the Finals who survived.
    • Misha is also the only opponent who did not participate in any fighting whatsoever.


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