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Molonev Menhir, more commonly known as 'Springfoot Jack' was a member of the Starship Cult and team that competed in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.


Molonev was an extremely obese man with dark curly hair, tiny eyes that appeared to always be closed and a goatee; initially, his clothes were often in poor or shabby condition due to being homeless. After he adopted his new murderous persona, he replaced most of (if not all) his organic body with cybernetics and began wearing attire that resembled a circus clown, with the right side of his outfit being light in color and the left dark with a wide striped collar. He wore a dark jester's hat with two pom poms on each side and had light colored face paint, with two dark lines over his eyes that resembled stars.



Initially, Molonev was a very timid and fearful child and depended on others around him to survive; he would often go along with other individual's demands in order to not cause a scene. He underwent a complete opposite change in personality after hearing the voice of Absurde, becoming a sadistic and murderous clown. Molonev would soon capture both adults and children to torture them often for his own amusement.


Daizaburo Sato[]

Possibly Molonev's only friend growing up, Daizaburo was a great source of comfort to him and helped Molonev's well being on a psychological level. When he was killed in an accident, Molonev was very despondent.

Qu Tsang[]

Molonev clearly loved his adopted mother and when the time came for him to leave the Steller Nursery Society, he begged Qu Tsang to let him stay. Her refusal would cause him to bitterly turn his feelings of affection towards her into rage; he would later reveal that his main motivation to enter the ZOTT was to confront Qu Tsang and see her reaction to what he had become.


Jack encountered Whophon (then known as Moon Child) on the colony of Luna. It is presumed that he viewed Whophon the same as his other subjects taken to be tortured by him; however, this would soon be replaced with fear once he witnessed Whophon's hypnotic abilities firsthand. After the boy took control of his troupe, Jack became subservient to Whophon and followed his commands.


One of the other children taken by Jack as a torture subject, Lily was one of two children who were able to pass all the tests given by Jack; it is presumed that because of this, Jack had begun to harbor some affection towards the completely submissive girl. When she was killed during the ZOTT, Jack was horrified and cried out her name.


As an orphan, Molonev grew up in the care of the Stellar Nursery Society; when he aged out of the program, he desperately tried to beg Qu Tsang to not send him away. However, she declined, wishing Molonev well and to live his best life. After several of the other youths who were dropped off had gone their separate ways, Molonev decided to stay with his fellow orphan Dai and worked as laborers on the asteroid Ceres. When Dai was killed on the job, Molonev was soon forced out of his home and joined a group of beggars who strong-armed him into giving up much of whatever he could find.[1]

One day while dumpster diving, Molonev heard a voice that called itself God; fearful, Molonev was confused and asked why it chose to speak with a homeless man like himself. He quickly grew afraid and ran away, desperately telling the voice to leave him alone. Upon reaching The Sink, Molonev came across a mortally wounded man approaching him dressed as a clown. As the man reached out to him, Molonev had an epiphany; all the rage and fury that had been unknowingly inside him as a result of his mother abandoning him, Qu Tsang raising and then leaving him and the loss of his friend caused his mind to completely snap. Now welcoming the voice, Molonev looked into the eyes of the dead clown and decided to share this misery and hatred with the rest of the galaxy. He discarded his name and identity, underwent a cyberization process and took the name Springfoot Jack.

After some time passes and Jack began forming a troupe of sadistic individuals known as 'The Phenomena', the voice of Absurde told Jack to visit the colony of Luna. Arriving there, he encountered a young boy that had a vacant look in his eyes; learning the boy did not have a name, Jack took him in and named the boy Moon Child. He hypnotized the boy, another girl named Lily and several others; after putting them through several tests, only Lily and Moon Child remained alive. Upon debuting Moon Child, the boy unleashed a massive hallucination that caused everyone present to believe they were drowning by a colossal tidal wave; as Jack tried to bring Moon Child to his senses, the boy turned his attention to Jack himself and confronted him; the boy told the clown he will go by the name Whophon and would now be taking over the troupe, being chosen by Absurde to be his medium and vessel. Jack was shaken by the impact and power of the vision and reluctantly gave control to Whophon.[2]

At some point, Jack presumably learned that his foster mother Qu Tsang and the Stellar Nursery Society would be competing in the Zenith of Things Tournament; Jack would be able to persuade Whophon to form a team and enter the competition. While he did not expect his team to win the tournament, Jack hoped to be able to fight against Qu Tsang and show what he had become.


Starship Cult Arc[]

After Darbhanga is defeated by both Elf and Zwölf, Jack arrives with Lily; he cheerfully asks if they want to take a break by playing a game, pulling out a Smith and Wesson magnum. Declaring it is a round of Russian Roulette, both himself and Lily go and then hands it over; however, he discreetly switches the gun to a fully loaded one filled with hollow point rounds. Elf goes next and shoots herself in the head, partially decapitated from the blast. As the crowd reacts, Zwölf grabs the TR-55 unit containing Elf's brain bio-chip and tries to flee; Jack touches her forehead and hypnotizes her, remarking how she will be a great addition to their cult.

Just then, Sechs arrives and confronts the clown. Jack becomes fearful when Sechs first points the gun and unloads it into himself. Realizing that Sechs figured out his trick, Jack brings out a table with cards before it is quickly destroyed by Sechs kicking it in half. Hearing him bemoan Jack for being weak and wishing for better competition, Jack mentions how the Space Angels should not have won the first round; it robbed him the opportunity to see Qu Tsang's reaction of seeing him again after many years. As Sechs drew his Titan Blade to strike Jack, the latter grabs Lily and deflects the blow (to Sechs and the crowd's surprise and shock).

Sechs kills Jack

Jack is killed by Sechs impaling him through the head

Jack sprays Sechs in the face and temporarily blinds him; Jack then orders the hypnotized Zwölf to turn into a human boomerang, grabbing her by the arms and throws her at Sechs. Taking advantage of the distraction, he leaps up and prepares to strike Sechs with Lily; however, Jack is shocked when he hears Sechs imitate his voice and is horrified when he commands Lily to transform into flan. Jack desperately tries to undo the order but collides with Lily and the latter disintegrates. Initially horrified, Jack begins to laugh and is immediately stabbed through the head with the Titan Blade; grinning with joy, Jack is then sliced in half and explodes in a shower of confetti.


  • It can be speculated that Molonev's later moniker (Springfoot Jack) and overall appearance is a reference to the popular children's toy Jack-in-the-Box


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