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Whophon, known to Springfoot Jack as Moon Child or MC, is the leader of the Starship Cult and later a Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament competitor. He is a master hypnotist, a practitioner of Mesumeru Sorcery, and is known to his female followers as 'Whophon-sama'.


Whophon was a young man in his late teens with shaggy blond hair. While as a child, he was seen wearing light colored clothes including a shirt and pants. After taking control of the Starship Cult, he began to dress similar to a circus ringmaster with a dark leotard, a light colored half helmet with a horned appearance & a dark cape with light interior.

While travelling incognito, Whophon would be seen wearing light colored pants and shoes while wearing a light colored raincoat with the hood pulled over his face to hide his identity.



Jetgan Hallucination 1

Whophon was capable of creating eldritch hallucinations that caused others to go insane

While it is unknown what his original mental state was like, Whophon's state of mind became twisted and insane likely due to being genetically created and experimented on by Dr. Gordin Ton. A powerful hypnotist, Whophon was able to create terrifyingly life-like hallucinations that were capable of affecting most individuals he came across; he eventually was able to use these abilities in conjunction to his studies in sorcery to cause combustion to occur in others via using sound and audio waves. He also had a level of showmanship, adopting a ringmaster-esque persona upon taking charge of the Starship Cult and was on full display during his flamboyant entrance in the ZOTT. Due to these abilities, Whophon developed a god-complex and thought of himself to be untouchable; when he was punched by Sechs, the youth was genuinely bewildered and wondered aloud how the strike managed to hit him.

Whophon followers

Whophon had a massive cult of female followers that travelled with him and obeyed without question

One of his most noteworthy achievements due to his mental abilities was establishing a separate cult of personality that was different from the Starship Cult. Whophon was able to hypnotize many young women and brainwash them into abandoning their families and follow him, obeying every order given to them without question; this mass following included human females as well as several Venusian and Jovian followers. While it was possible Whophon had a small amount of affection towards them, his order and reaction after their mass suicide implied that he viewed his worshippers as disposable and had no lasting value for him.


In April ES 582, the child later known as Whophon was one of many specimens grown by Doctor Gordin Ton to take part in an experiment to discover the depths of the human mind. Being given the designation Jetan G, he was hooked up and underwent the process. The torturous procedure led Jetan G to unleash a massive hypnotic attack that would lead to the entire Karkinos Research Lab being destroyed and him escaping in the resulting pandemonium.

Around one month later, the killer circus group known as the Phenomena visited Luna and toured the area around Guyot. The group's leader Springfoot Jack found Jetan G and took him in as a future torture victim. Giving him the nickname of "Moon Child" or "MC", Jack hypnotized him, putting him through seven brutal tests, all of which he survived. Six years later in June ES 588, Absurde used the child as his medium and unleashed another massive hypnotic blast creating the illusion of him floating above an ocean with lightning flashing as he declared that God had been seated within him; when Jack tried to kill him with an axe, MC generated an illusion of him being instantly turned into a skeleton. He then forced Jack to cede his control over the troupe to him and took the name Whophon; he then renamed The Phenomena into the Starship Cult.


Starship Cult Arc[]

During his final fight against Sechs, he used a technique called the Mesumeru Protection, or a Reality Distortion Field. He also made use of a shadow-like organism that crept up on Sechs, gloating that he was just an inferior replica. When Sechs attempted to stab the shadow, he ended up stabbing himself, severing his spinal cord. Whophon died when Sechs noticed his reflection on the back of his glove and aimed a fatal attack at him.


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