Battle Angel Alita Wiki
Type One of Melchizedek's 25 main units
Purpose Self-destruct unit
Creator Arthur Farrell's government
Users Melchizedek
Debut Phase 44 (mentioned)

Mordredモルドレツト (Morudoreto?) was one of the 25 main units comprising the network shell of Melchizedek, functioning as the self-destruct unit.

When Yoko uploaded Program Guinevere during Operation Maulwurf in ES 386, she triggered the full-on Gestalt breakdown of Melchizedek.[1][2] Mordred was activated while Arthur, the unifying unit, was lost. This led to the results of Operation Maulwurf being termed the Cam Ranh Tragedy.

Other uses[]

Mordred appears to be a Scrapyard company that is involved with motorball, as the name appears on the control tower of the Gregory Circuit.[3]


Each of the Melchizedek unit were named after a Knight of the Round Table. Mordred was named after King Arthur's illegitimate son by his half-sister Morgause.


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