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Mothman TNT Beer
BAALO10 103 Mothman TNT Beer
Sechs in his interactive interface body opening a bottle of Mothman TNT Beer on the title page for Phase 60
English name Mothman TNT Beer
Type Beer
Users Zekka
Debut Phase 63

Mothman TNT Beer is a beer brand that is introduced in Last Order. It is a cultural reference to the Mothman, a cryptid reportedly seen in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, from November 12, 1966, to December 1967. The beer's label features an illustration of the creature and reads "Point Pleasant, West Virginia got several odd visitors. AD 1966-67". The TNT in the name is a reference to where the Mothman was first seen, the West Virginia Ordnance Works, an abandoned World War II TNT factory.

Mothman appears to be Zekka's favorite drink. He is shown consuming it on several occasions and has used empty bottles to demonstrate his abilities, such as stopping an attack from Anomaly's Libido Cannon and creating a palmite. His usual means of opening a bottle is to use his thumb to slice off the neck.


An enemy character called the "Man-Moth" appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory and can be encountered in the Badlands. It emits a sonic wave as a range attack and uses kicks for close combat. The Man-Moth is black and identical in appearance to the mothman depicted on the logo.

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