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Mue Katchuah
BAA04 38 Pile-Driver
Bargerald using the Pile-Driver Attack in Battle 18
Japanese name ムエ・カッチューア
Romanized name Mue Katchūa
English name Mue Katchuah
Origin Thailand
Related martial arts Asian Arts
Debut Battle 17

Mue Katchuah (ムエ・カッチューア Mue Katchūa?) is an Asian Martial Art. It is practiced by Ajakutty as part of his Asian Arts, and was taught to his disciple Bargerald.


Prior to Alita’s Second League debut race, Ajakutty introduced his three disciples to her as potential candidates for her challenge race against Jashugan. Bargerald openly questioned his master’s deference to Alita, leading to an impromptu fight with her. He struck first with his Pile-Driver Attack which Alita blocked, but this left her open to a hidden spike that unsheathed from his elbow and threatened her forehead. Alita however forced what appeared to be a draw by in turn threatening Bargerald's life support system with one of her Damascus Blades.

During the race, Bargerald took out an opponent with the Pile-Driver. He and Halberd together then launched an attack on Armblessed, but he proved to be more than a match for them, killing them both.


  • Pile-Driver Attack: An attack using the pile driver built into Bargerald's arm, which could either pound an opponent with several quick strikes if it connected, or still do damage with a hidden spike in his elbow if blocked.


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