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Mui is the Priesterin of Embeyfow, the organisation responsible for the maintenance of Mars' baldachin. She used to be the Gartner of Beine 244.


In ES 373, when a segment of the Baldachin ruptured and later collapsed due to sabotage by warlords, Dr. Finch's vehicle carrying Yoko and Erica narrowly escaped being crushed by the fallen canopy, but was trapped beneath a huge rock. Mui rescued them with her shuttlecraft Beine 244, before demanding one of them to be sacrifice to biomolecularly regenerate the Säule. Because Finch was old and hence had short telomeres, and Yoko was over 80% mechanical, Mui demanded Erica to be sacrificed, and gagged Finch when he protested. Erica agreed to be the sacrifice, on the condition that Finch got released and Yoko also joined her as a companion sacrifice so they could be forever together. Before Mui could proceed with the sacrifice, her superior Priesterin Naef intervened and ordered her to release them at once, citing the "Thirteenth Orakel" that the Säule quantumancy prophesied the arrival of a child with the "sign of change", who would be one (or both) of Yoko and Erica if they could survive and overcome the many terrible trials in life and change the world.

In ES 594, when Alita was accused by Zazie of assassinating Queen Limeira and being held prisoner for interrogation, Mui intervened despite the MBV's traditional policy of non-interference and demanded the Mars Kingdom Parliament to release her immediately, offering to provide a Säule network record to clear Alita's name. To everyone's surprise, Limeira herself then arrived and agreed to Mui's request. Mui also revealed that her actual body was already a part of the Säule network, and she was only appearing in a ceremonial avatar. Taking over the custody of Alita, Mui was initially distraught that Alita displayed no trust of her, mainly due to their previous history and Mui's rather peculiar personality. When Alita claimed to want to find a cure for Necro soldiers to take Erica back from the Einherjar, Mui told her that the MBV did not have the expertise in such areas, but offered to seek help from a 'very talented doctor' she knew. When they arrived at the destination, Mui was very surprised to find out that Alita knew the doctor she was referring to — being none other than Alita's ambiguous archenemy Super Nova. The duo met Alita'a past trainer, Tzykrow, and a battle ensued between the two of them. After Mui voiced her support for Alita's request, Super Nova agreed to help them.