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Muraviyov (ムラヴィヨフ Muravuiyofu?) was a member of the ZOTT Task Force who briefly commanded Operation Glass Cat and is the only surviving member of the task force.


Muraviyov has a variation of the standard Jovian cyborg body, with his tentacles connected separately to his front and four small "feet" on the underside of his body. He does not have a number as part of his name and none shows up on the front of his body.


When Alita defeated Tunguska, Muraviyov's predecessor was killed in the resulting nanomachine attack. Muraviyov took over command of the team that would be working on Operation Glass Cat, putting together a functional quantum model of Alita.

Three days later Bukhanov C-182 appeared to check on the operation. Muraviyov showed him the model, which was 94% complete. However he was electrically shocked by Bukhanov C-182 as the model was not even remotely close to Alita in appearance, which he blamed on too many all-nighters. A second bombshell was dropped when Muraviyov was informed that he would assume responsibility for Warmen 609's defeat in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament Block-A Semifinals and the loss of the Orbital Dynamo, and would thus be stripped of his status and reassigned to Europa. Bukhanov C-182 ignored his protests that he had only taken the position three days ago, explaining that someone had to accept responsibility. Muraviyov was quickly picked up by a crane and whisked out of the control room, crying out not to be assigned to Europa. Ironically this saved him, as the task force was later wiped out by Alita.