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Murdock (マードック Mādokku?) was a well-known hunter-warrior who was known as "the Dog Master" for his use of four cyborg dogs: Fury, Glory, Hubris, and Valor. The dogs were named after martial qualities and appeared to be based on actual breeds. He was the father of Sarah.


Murdock was an older man with a bushy mustache who wore an ushanka, coat, pants, and boots. Although he was largely human, he had a cybernetic implant in his chin that allowed him to communicate with his dogs without speaking. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts him as wearing a black ushanka and dark brown coat.[1] In Gunnm: Martian Memory he is dressed all in brown.


A tenacious hunter-warrior, Murdock never gave up a hunt once he started or found his quarry. He initially came across as gruff and reticent, but opened up after seeing Koyomi interact with Fury. Following Zapan's apparent death, he greatly mellowed out, but nonetheless was willing to put himself and his dogs on the line to protect Master, Shumira, and Koyomi. He was also selfless, willing to sacrifice his own life to save those he cared about.



Despite them falling out with each other, Murdock deeply cared for the well-being of his daughter Sarah. Upon hearing of her death in the Scrapyard, Murdock was presumably overcome with grief and would tirelessly track down her killer.


Due to them frequently hanging out during the off hours of Bar New Kansas, it is presumed that Murdock and Master were on good terms with each other.


After Koyomi formed a bond with one of his hounds, Murdock saw much of his daughter in her and began watching over her as a second father. He would go to protect her at all costs after Zapan appeared again, ordering Fury to take her out of danger.


After the former Hunter-Warrior was found by Sarah, Murdock took an immediate disliking towards Zapan; this turned into unbridled rage and hatred when he accidentally killed his daughter.


At some point, Murdock raised his only daughter Sarah as a single parent; he did whatever he could to look after his daughter and took up being a Hunter Warrior as a source of income; some time after starting the profession, Murdock came into ownership of four hounds that participated with him in his hunts: Fury, Glory, Hubris and Valor. One day, Murdock noticed that Sarah had taken in an amnesiac Zapan to rehabilitate, who he immediately became distrustful of. This would lead to the two falling out and Sarah left Murdock to help other residents in the Scrapyard, taking Zapan with her.

After Zapan accidentally killed Sarah, Murdock immediately felt like Zapan had some part to play in the killing but did not have any leads. Two years later, he discovered that Zapan had indeed been the one to kill Sarah and flatly refused any other Hunters the chance to kill him. He was at Bar New Kansas, taking a break from his hunt and drinking when a young Koyomi rushed over to Fury. Taken aback by this, the old man smiled and noticed that she was much like Sarah when she was growing up. While playing with Koyomi, he heard Master telling Alita that he was a fierce Hunter despite his age; he mentions to them how he was tracking Zapan down to avange his daughters death. He then shot a glare at Alita, vowing that the kill was his and his alone to have.

BAA05 45 Murdock & Sara

Murdock is reunited with his daughter in Battle 24.

His hounds soon picked up Zapan's trail and cornered him in the sewers. As he was ready to give the order for his hounds to attack, Alita appeared and requested that she be given a chance to speak with the former Hunter-Warrior. Murdock became confused when he overheard Alita give Zapan the chance to take his vengeance out on her, but was unable to. After she finished playing a song on her recorder (the only time given to Zapan), she stepped aside and Murdock wasted no time for his hounds to attack. They quickly tore Zapan apart, with his head falling further into the sewers. However, Murdock did not care, only wishing to take Sarah’s preserved head to bury. He then left the sewers and buried Sarah's remains in the Bar New Kansas courtyard next to the grave of Duke Fang.[2] Murdock then took up lodging in the bar.

When Zapan appeared at Bar New Kansas after gaining control of the Berserker Body, Murdock confronted him before he was about to possibly kill Master. He had Fury protect Shumira and Koyomi while his other three dogs dealt with Zapan. However Zapan countered by creating a dog from plasma, the Demon Dog, which defeated them handily. In a last ditch attempt, Murdock detonated a powerful grenade that leveled the entire block, but Zapan survived the explosion.[3]

Other appearances[]

Murdock appears in Gunnm: Martian Memory with three of his dogs. He is first encountered by Gally inside Factory 33 reviewing the bounty list. Fury tends to stay close to him while Glory and Hubris are typically posted as guards. After Zapan gains the Berserker Body and destroys Bar Kansas, Murdock is mortally wounded, but is able to speak to Gally before dying with Fury by his side mourning him.


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