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NG Life Theater (NG人生劇場 NG Jinsei Gekijō?) is a series of gag strips, mostly in yonkoma format, that appear in the Battle Angel Alita: Last Order graphic novels. They typically parody events depicted in the volumes and thus are not canon. "NG" is an acronym for "No Good".

Viz Media originally titled the series "Bloopers" in Angel of the Innocents, then changed the title to "Catechism of Life" in Angel Eternal. It was renamed "NG Theatre" beginning with Angel of Protest, which remained until Last Angel Standing, when it became "NG Life Theater". Kodansha Comics USA has changed the name to "NG Theater".

Similar yonkoma gag strips appeared in the Battle Angel Alita graphic novels, but only singly in each volume and were not given a series name. They were not originally included by Viz Media in the initial printing of Battle Angel Alita, but were included in the Viz Media Edition along with the tech notes.

Number of strips by volume[]

The number of strips within the graphic novels has not been consistent:


  1. Angel Reborn (Vol. 1)
  2. Haunted Angel (Vol. 5)
  3. Guilty Angel (Vol. 7)
  4. Sans Angel (Vol. 13)
  5. Volume 16
  6. Volume 18


  1. Angel's Vision (Vol. 8)
  2. Volume 17


  1. Angel of the Innocents (Vol. 2)
  2. Angel Eternal (Vol. 3)
  3. Angel of Protest (Vol. 4)
  4. Angel Cake (Vol. 11)


  1. Angel's Duty (Vol. 9)
  2. Last Angel Standing (Vol. 15)


  1. Angel Goes Nova (Vol. 10)
  2. Angel Redux (Vol. 12)


  1. Angel of Defusion (Vol. 14)


  1. The Angel and the Vampire (Vol. 6)

List of strips[]

  1. Catechism of Life
  2. I saw those dolls that dance when you get mail...I should've patented the idea!
  3. Catechism of Life!!
  4. Midnight Battle!!
  5. No Good World!
  6. No Good Punch!
  7. The Match that Never Happened! Part 1
  8. The Match that Never Happened! Part 2
  9. Caerula vs. Alita
  10. The Law of...Conservation of Mass!
  11. Toilet Ghost Tales
  12. The Last Battle
  13. Urban Legends!
  14. Vampire Kung-Fu Drill Fist
  15. The True Sci-Fi Last Battle: When Worlds Collide!
  16. A Scandalous Life!
  17. An Eco-Logical Man!
  18. NG Punch Instruction!!
  19. Sexual Harassment
  20. Samurai Angels!
  21. Instant Makeover!
  22. Honest to a Fault!
  23. 1 Trillion Volt Eyes!
  24. Just Kidding Punch! Part 1
  25. Just Kidding Punch! Part 2
  26. Just Kidding Punch! Part 3
  27. Bust Queen!
  28. Our Cat
  29. Remote Violence!
  30. Night on the Karmic Railroad!
  31. Z.O.T.T. Finals!
  32. Scary Buns!!
  33. Jovian Night at the Movies
  34. The Z.O.T.T. Effect!
  35. Lives of the Rank and File: Last episode Farewell, my friend!!