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Nana (ナナ Nana?) was the wife of Hugo's brother and Hugo's sister-in-law.


Nana has fair skin and shoulder-length medium coloured hair. She wore long-sleeved jackets and pants. In the OVA her hair is more of a dark blonde.


Both Nana and her husband raised Hugo, who was much younger than his brother. After the brother decided to go to Tiphares via a hot air balloon, Nana became worried about the prohibition on flying machines imposed by Factory Law and the risks of getting caught. Although her husband pressed on with his project, she never fully bought into the idea and argued with him about it but not in front of Hugo. On the day that they were to leave, Nana sent Hugo into town to run an errand for her. She was nervous, which led him to suspect something.

This turned out to be the betrayal of her husband and his balloon to the hunter-warrior Clive Lee. Lee visited the abandoned factory where the balloon had been built in secret and burned it, killing Hugo's brother. When Hugo returned, he saw the fire and ran back, learning of his sister-in-law's betrayal when she tried to shield him and told Lee to take the body away. Nana tried to raise Hugo on her own, but he could not stand what she had done and eventually ran away from home.

Other appearances[]

Nana appears in the OVA, but does not have any dialogue.