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Neo-Third Reich Division
Japanese name 新第三帝国師団
Romanized name Shin Daisanteikoku Shidan
English name Neo-Third Reich Division
Origin Mars
Affiliations Einherjar
Type Neo-Nazi group
Debut Phase 15 (Mentioned)

The Neo-Third Reich Division was the newest of four factions fighting for control of Mars. Calling themselves the "Last Battalion," the group's aim was to unify Mars, resurrect the Third Reich, and conquer the galaxy. They were described as nationalist and religious fanatics.[1] It was later revealed in Mars Chronicle that the Division was a front under the control of the Einherjar.


The Division claims to have traveled to Mars via a Nazi flying saucer. According to legend, the Third Reich and the Japanese Empire built their first colonies on Mars pre-Era Sputnik.[1]

Four months before the start of the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament in ES 591, the Division seized control of Olympus Spaceport and took thousands of hostages. LADDER gave the Mars Kingdom Parliament funding and the support of a corps of New Order troops to recapture it. The resulting Operation Hagel was successful, although Captain Kirbitzer, the Division's commander, escaped and Frau X killed over 30 elite soldiers from the various allied factions. The recovery of Olympus later allowed the Kingdom Parliament to grant the Stellar Nursery Society asylum during Round 2 of the ZOTT.

The Division's headquarters was later raided by the Stellar Nursery Society along with Sechs and wiped out.

In Mars Chronicle Log 008 it was revealed Kirbitzer was killed and that the autopsy revealed he was a necro soldier. It is believed the Neo-Third Reich Division was merely a deception and that Dasein was pulling the strings.