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Neun Könige und der Jinn von Mars

"Neun Könige und der Jinn von Mars", shown in GUNNM Mars Chronicle log 015 part 2

"Neun Könige und der Jinn von Mars" is a storybook referenced in Battle Angel Alita: Mars Chronicle.  Though it is a childish fairytale, the story contains clues about the history of Mars, specifically regarding the Alt Neun, Ethnarchs, and Secret Treasure of Mars.

Direct Quotes from "Neun Könige und der Jinn von Mars".[]

A long, long, very long time ago... Way long before the first humans were born... God made the Jinns of Mars from fire and smoke.  A Jinn is a spirit that uses unseen magic.  One day, on Mars, where those Jinns lived... Nine kings came from Earth riding a Haunebu...[1]
The greedy kings, who took away by deception the "Immortal Nostrum" from the Mars Jinn, start a dispute against each other.  In the end, they perish in a war in which they used Ethnarchs, giants made with the Jinn's magic.  With the Nostrum stolen, the Jinn loses its magic powers.  Its fate is to become a whirlwind and to roam about Mars while crying.  The only honest king who survived not getting involved in the strife hid the Nostrum.  He left clues about it in a magic cane and a magic book.  Hundreds of years pass.  A young poor sheperd girl solves the mystery of the cane and book... She finds the Immortal Nostrum and lives happily ever after...[2]


  • The nine kings referenced in the story book are likely the Alt Neun
  • The good king referenced in the story book is likely the Mars Great King Elfriede.
  • The Ethnarchs described by the story book are real.  They are massive superweapons, owned by the descendants of the Alt Neun.
  • The "Immortal Nostrum", magic cane, and magic book are real.  They are the Secret Treasure of Mars, Baron Muster's cane, and the Dornburg family copy of Vom Kriege.


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