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BAALO17 187 Nezher
Nezher rising out of the ocean in Phase 105.
Affiliations Earth Orbitary Federation
Part of Earth Orbitary Federation
Type Surface gate city
Debut Phase 15 (mentioned)

Nezher, known in Japan as Gurat (グラート Gurato?), is the surface gate city of Binhar, located in the Indian Ocean. This would make it the sister city of Tiphares, suggesting that it is located diametrically opposite it at a corresponding point on the Orbital Elevator. While structures are visible on the surface, a substantial portion of Nezher's infrastructure is underwater.


When the Onion Frame was separated from Ketheres as part of Emergency Program Phase 4, the sudden shift in weight caused the Orbital Elevator and Tiphares to drop. To prevent the destruction of Tiphares, Melchizedek accelerated the super conductive fluid inside the Orbital Ring to offset the shift in weight. This affected the Orbital Elevator on the opposite side of Earth, causing Nezher to rise out of the ocean.[1]


  • Binhar is known in Japan as Zig, making the naming of both cities, Zig and Gurat, similar to the original names of Ketheres and Tiphares, Jeru and Salem.


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