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Niz (ニッツ Nittsu?) is a member of the Stellar Nursery Society (SNS) and a crewman on its ship, the SNS Guntroll. The son of Laib, he was also a member of the team the SNS formed to compete in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament, the Guntroll.


Niz has short, neatly trimmed blond hair, a sharp nose and a pair of rectangular glasses. He has two streaks of face paint on either side of his head.



Niu is a loyal and protective soldier, though he has not much prior experience in battle. He is shown to be relentless and perseverant, even in the face of Sechs's flurry of attacks in the first round of the ZOTT. He is shown to be a forgiving person, calling Sechs strong when watching the finals even after he was defeated.



Niu is shown to have a close relationship with his late father, believing the latter's memory to give him strength. He also keeps part of his father's rail suit stored within one of the storage units in the Guntroll base.


Like his father, Niz is a railman and his fighting style makes use of the rail suit's combat capabilities. Although unable to use kicks, he can throw supersonic punches and is also surprisingly fast, as he was able to bind Sechs with mooring cables without the latter being able to counter. Niz has a special attack named Mass Driver which is derived from the railman's role of launching cargo into space.


At some point in his life, Niz followed in his father's footsteps and became employed as a railman. Eventually, he would leave the profession and decided to join the Stellar Nursery Society as one of the teachers. He would go on to volunteer as one of the members of the Guntroll team that would participate in the Tenth Zenith of Things Tournament.


Guntroll Arc[]

After Gertz is defeated by the combined efforts of the Space Angels, Niz prepares to enter the arena; as he gets called up by Qu Tsang, one of the children hugs him and begs Niz to come back alive; thinking of his father, Niz promises to.

He enters the arena and uses his rail suit to launch a boulder at Space Angels member Sechs. Squaring off against him, Niz begins throwing supersonic punches and eventually catches Sechs unaware with several mooring cables; he delivers a devastating piledriver that stuns Sechs and renders him incapacitated for several minutes.[1] Although satisfied with beating him, Niz is reminded by Tsang they need to win and not just beat them. Niz wraps up several more cables around Sechs and launches him at supersonic speeds that will propel Sechs into the direction of the sun; unbeknownst to Niz, Sechs' interactive interface module had been cutting several of the cables and is caught off guard when Sechs maneuvers himself and prepares to fire the Solenoid Quench Gun. The two fighters let out simultaneous yells of defiance and Niz launches several supersonic punches as he is hit by the blast.

Despite getting shot through the heart and having both of his arms destroyed, Niz remains standing but is knocked out of competition.[2] He is taken back to the Guntroll base and eventually revived.


  • Niz was created by "Mimura Crachica" and was originally named "Leipniz." Its design was submitted during an art contest where Yukito asked for character designs for Last Order. Mimura also created the character Getz, Koen and Derossi.



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