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No Good World

No Good World! is the fifth NG Life Theater strip and appeared in Angel of Protest. In the Viz Media release, this section was titled NG Theatre.[1]


Yukito Kishiro relates a true story that happened during a meeting with his editor, Tomita, about Phase 23. He explains that he roughs out a layout and meets with his editor before drawing a manga. Tomita likes the layouts, but questions the need for the scene where Zazie attacks from the background. Kishiro is startled by this, but explains that sometimes the author gets so into his own story that he cannot see the bigger picture. Tomita felt that Zazie's actions decreased the impact of Alita's climactic attack. Kishiro momentarily enters the scene he envisioned. Zazie tells Alita to attack Toji. She then takes a smoke break, but when she is finished Toji has defeated Alita. Now Tomita understands the purpose of the scene.


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