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Nola Lafargue is a Tipharean teenager who has not yet had her brain replaced with a brain bio-chip. During the Tipharean civil war she belonged to the faction of teenagers and children led by Jim Roscoe.


Nola is a slim, fair skinned young woman with long fair hair and freckles. She typically wears a medium colored headband, light colored polo neck sweater, medium colored vest, light colored pants and shoes. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts her as having golden blonde hair with her headband a light blue with a white design. Her vest is a dark red and her sweater is light tan.[1]

During the unveiling of the Jim Roscoe memorial Nola did not wear the headband and wore a long sleeved light colored shirt.[2] When burning one of the incarnations of Desty Nova created by his stereotomy process she used a welder's mask and gloves, wearing a light colored zip up jacket and tying her hair in a ponytail.[3]


Having lost her parents to suicide shortly before the Tipharean civil war, Nola overall has a longing for companionship and being wanted. This sense of longing can often border on the side of zealotry; the events of the Tipharean civil war caused Nola to quickly latch onto Jim Roscoe's belief that the adults were not human because they had had their brains replaced with the brain bio-chip, and would become defensive when those views were challenged.


Jim Roscoe[]

Nola was grateful for Jim Roscoe rescuing her and giving her a purpose after both Nola's parents died during the Tipharean civil war. It is believed that Nola began harboring a romantic attraction towards Jim before his death.

Pam Mahan[]

One of the fellow Tipharean children recruited by Jim during the civil war, Nola began looking after Pam as an older sister. Their relationship would be strained when Nola felt Pam betrayed her and the children after leading them to the adults camp, but they would eventually reconcile as friends.


After Alita saved Nola and several other children from an MIB drone, the latter would become fascinated with Alita; she would often follow Alita and hope to befriend her, wishing to learn from her about what it is to be human.


Nola's parents committed suicide after Desty Nova publicly revealed to its citizens that Tipharean adults have their brains replaced with bio-chips at age 19. She was subsequently found by Jim and his followers.[4] Jim sympathized with her plight yet used the example of a bio-chip that he pulled out of a freshly slain adult to prove that they were not human to begin with.[5] She joined his band and quickly became one of his most fervent followers, eventually meeting and becoming friends with Pam and David.


Tiphares Arc[]

Roughly one week later, Nola is informed by Jim of a possible ally that would help them in turning the tide of the Tipharean Civil War and directs her, Dave and Pam towards Desty Nova's lab. On the way, they were found and pursued by an MIB drone and crashed through the floor and landing within the lab. There, Nola discovered the target of their search; a cyborg warrior named Alita who had minutes earlier had awakened from a coma. Upon a MIB drone crashing through the ceiling soon after, Nola was amazed to see Alita manage to defeat it effortlessly. She would then lead her to the camp of children led by Jim in hopes that she would join them in fighting the adults in the civil war. Even though Alita declines to join them, Nola still decides to follow her in hopes of becoming her friend..

Nola followed Alita through the chaotic city for a while and learned how to deal with her hopelessness in the process, becoming much stronger emotionally.


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