Nola Lafargue is a Tipharean teenager who has not yet had her brain replaced with a brain bio-chip. During the Tipharean civil war she belonged to the faction of teenagers and children led by Jim Roscoe.


Nola is a slim, fair skinned young woman with long fair hair and freckles. She typically wears a medium coloured headband, light coloured polo neck sweater, medium coloured vest, light coloured pants and shoes. An illustration by Yukito Kishiro for the 2003 Ultra Jump calendar depicts her as having golden blonde hair with her headband a light blue with a white design. Her vest is a dark red and her sweater is light tan.[1]

During the unveiling of the Jim Roscoe memorial Nola did not wear the headband and wore a long sleeved light coloured shirt.[2] When burning one of the incarnations of Desty Nova created by his stereotomy process she used a welder's mask and gloves, wearing a light coloured zip up jacket and tying her hair in a ponytail.[3]


The events of the Tipharean civil war greatly shook Nola and she latched onto Jim Roscoe's belief that the adults were not human because they had had their brains replaced with the brain bio-chip.


Nola's parents committed suicide after Desty Nova publicly revealed to its citizens that Tipharean adults have their brains replaced with bio-chips at age 19. She was subsequently found by Jim and his followers. Jim sympathised with her plight yet used the example of a bio-chip that he pulled out of a freshly slain adult to prove that they were not human to begin with. She joined his band and met Pam and David.

A week later the three were sent by Jim to Nova's lab to recover Alita. On the way they were found and pursued by a killer robot and stumbled into the lab after Alita had awakened.

Nola followed Alita through the chaotic city for a while and learned how to deal with her hopelessness in the process, becoming much stronger emotionally.

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