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Norinco is a blind cyborg serial killer and former hunter-warrior who only appears in the Gunnm novel.


Norinco has long white hair and a skeletal cyborg body, over which he wears a white garment.


A master of the Mantis Fist, Norinco can swap out of his body and into another cyborg body that he believes to be his daughter's. This is a female body with a long, snake-like left arm. Despite being blind, he is still a deadly fighter.


Norinco was once a famous hunter-warrior. He killed his wife and daughter and has been grief-stricken ever since. Although he now sells scrap from the Zalem dump heap, he is also a serial killer who targets women. After attacking Calico, he encounters Gally, who believes to be his daughter. When he realises that she is not her, he switches bodies to fight her but is defeated.


He is named after Norinco (the China North Industries Corporation), a Chinese weapon manufacturer.