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The "Nose" (ノーズ Nōzu?) is the nickname of a man who works as an investigator in the Scrapyard. He only appears in the side story Supersonic Fingers.


The Nose is a short, hunchbacked man with a large nose, dark, bushy eyebrows, and crow's feet around his eyes. He wears a light coloured cap with a broad brim, and a light coloured jacket and pants with patches over the knees.


After Gally was shot at range by a mysterious assailant in ES 579,[1] five of her hunter-warrior friends banded together to find the culprit. They brought in the Nose to help them with their investigation, and he sniffed the remains of a bullet that had been found by Tank Man. He determined that it was actually a ball bearing, as well as that the range at which the assailant had fired from and his use of an angled shot indicated that he was no junkie. This led him to deduce that it might be the work of the Sonic Finger. When the group later convened at Bar New Kansas, the Nose revealed more of the Sonic Finger's background, which was supplemented by Walrom.


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