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Nova II (ノヴァ II Nova II?) was the first incarnation of Desty Nova to be created by the stereotomy process after the original was killed by Jim Roscoe. He was responsible for bringing Sechs, Elf, Zwölf, and Deckman 100 to Tiphares and later taking them and Alita to Ketheres. After his capture by Aga Mbadi, his brain bio-chip was extracted and later given the opportunity to be the former's assistant. Nova II accepted the offer and was given a second bio-chip, being reborn as Super Nova.

The name Nova II was later given by Porta Nova[1] and the former did not refer to himself as such.


Nova II was the closest incarnation in appearance and dress to the original Desty Nova. He wore a dress shirt with tie and slacks, over which was a white lab coat. Like the original Nova and his subsequent incarnations, Nova II bore the mark of Tiphares on his forehead.


Just like how he appeared to exactly resemble the original Nova, Nova II's personality was similar as well. While he worked and hoped to continue his studies of karma, he was notably more open and willing to work alongside Alita when compared with his later incarnations and even the original Nova; he unknowingly was instrumental in bringing together Alita and the surviving AR-2 series units, who would later form the Space Angels group that would fight in the ZOTT.


Elf and Zwölf[]

During the year after the original Nova was killed, Nova II managed to track down both AR-11 & 12 and convinced them to become his bodyguards. They showed absolute loyalty towards Nova and he showed them an equal amount of respect.


It is unknown what their relationship was but it is presumed that Nova II and Sechs had some level of respect towards the other; however, Sechs often would belittle Nova on his observational habits towards the other AR-2 series they encountered.


Unlike his original template, Nova II treated Alita as an ally despite knowing that she harbored a grudge against the original Nova; this is hinted by his constant benevolence towards her and informed Alita of Lou's body which was frozen within the confines of the MIB. He would further offer her the opportunity to come with him to help track down Lou's brain within Ketheres, showing a degree of trust in her.

Aga Mbadi[]

During the short time Nova II interacted with Aga Mbadi, he showed skepticism and was very wary around the LADDER assistant chairman despite the latter's welcoming nature upon arriving in Ketheres. This was proven correct when Mbadi hacked the AR-2 series and forced them to give Nova over to him.


It is believed that Nova II had all the same abilities and knowledge that his original counterpart had.


Tiphares Arc[]

Shortly after the death of the original Desty Nova by the hands of his assistant Jim Roscoe, Nova II was created by the stereotomy process developed by his predecessor. Evading the ongoing Tipharean civil war that raged throughout the city, Nova II somehow managed to escape to the Scrapyard and enlisted the services of Elf and Zwölf to become his bodyguards. He learned from them that another TUNED AR Series 2 unit, Sechs, had been killing the other units, but was defeated when it tried to kill them. Having knowledge that Alita was in Tiphares and had been rebuilt after her death, Nova II knew that Sechs would likely come looking for her; thus, Nova II made contact with Sechs and promised to lead him to her. He also found or assembled Deckman 100 and programed it to recognize Alita as its master, ordering it to follow him until introductions had been made.

Nova II and the three former TUNED units traveled back to Tiphares and, after retrieving a fortified box from the original Nova's destroyed lab, encountered Alita in an abandoned theater with two children. Nova II stayed with Elf, Zwölf and Deckman 100 in the upper theater level while Sechs went to ambush Alita on the stage.[2]

After getting called out by Alita, Nova II professes that he is merely a spectator while Sechs along with Elf and Zwölf were the ones insisting on meeting their template face to face. Eventually, Alita manages to outmaneuver both Elf and Zwölf who joined the fight and positions Nova II in front of herself as a shield to block Sechs from attacking. [3] Nova II begins to sweat and orders them to stop before they destroy the contents of the box he's carrying, described as the most valuable substance that exists; before he can go further about what the box contains, Alita flips him off to the side and eventually manages to overpower Sechs. After the fight, Nova II is asked if the corpse found in the lab was a fake; he reveals that it was in fact real and reveals the stereotomy process perfected by his predecessor. Taking the box with him while Elf and Zwölf collect the remains of Sechs, Nova II invites Alita to come with them to the space city of Ketheres. While Alita declines, Nova II keeps the offer available stating they will be leaving within several days after a brief trip to the Medical Core.[4]

Arriving at the Medical Core, the group notices a large behemoth walking around; Nova is surprised to see it carrying the lifeless body of Jim Roscoe. After ordering Elf and Zwölf to trap it and acquire Jim's body, Nova is amazed to hear the colossus address him with familiarity, having a backup of Jim Roscoe's afterimage imprinted onto its being. While sympathetic to its plight after hearing Jim's final moments and thoughts, Nova II insists that people are meant to continue on despite such challenges. Upon offering to swap Alita for Jim's body, the being, named Sachumodo, breaks free and refuses. Nova II is upset upon seeing Jim's body dissolved and is grabbed by Elf and Zwölf, nearly getting crushed by falling debris.[5] As Alita fights the being, Nova II tells her to use the Imaginos Body to generate plasma in order to defeat it. While he is conflicted over the climax of the battle (either his life's work getting destroyed or Jim unable to achieve his full potential) Nova II eventually begins to laugh upon Alita emerging victorious.[6]

While searching the Medical Core, Nova II manages to find Lou Collins' body amongst a group in one of the processing rooms. He contacts Alta and informs her that while Lou's brain bio-chip was removed, there is a possibility it could have been taken to Ketheres; this time, Alita agrees to go with them and they travel up the elevator to the city.

Ketheres Arc[]

Arriving there, Nova II is greeted by a man named Aga Mbadi who formally welcomes them all to Ketheres; he is informed by Mbadi that he is the fourth person who has managed to discover the secret of Tiphares without succumbing to the madness and reaching the city. Nova II remarks that he was aware of others who found the secret and asks where the other three Tiphareans are; not trusting Mbadi's answer, Nova II signals to Alita to grab him and takes the man as a hostage to ensure their safety. Unfortunately, Mbadi hacked Elf and Zwölf upon entering the room and Nova II is thrown towards Mbadi and encased in a polymer cube. After Alita, Sechs, Elf and Zwölf are frozen as well and jettisoned into space, Mbadi reveals that the three other Tiphareans had their brain bio chips removed and implanted within his own brain to increase his intelligence and capabilities. He later has Nova II taken away and Nova's head is split into segments, getting his own brain bio-chip removed.

Eventually, he would regain his brain bio-chip and given another, reborn into another copy referred to as Super Nova.


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