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Nquku (エンクク Enkuku?) was a member of the Bradley Shelter and along with Tucum and Ben, comprised the site transport team working on Merlin.


Nquku was a young, dark skinned man with short, spiked hair. He wore the warm Eskimo clothing favored by the residents of the Bradley Shelter.


Loyal to Arthur Farrell, Nquku was one of the members of the search party that was put together to search for Haruka. He was furious when they discovered that she had been killed by Victor Byron. Despite this, Nquku displayed a level head the following day when Arthur Farrell led a large group against Victor and Vilma Fachiri. He tried to hold some of the men under his command back when Victor's defeat appeared imminent, and warned about the sudden melting of the Mississippi River when the impact winter ended.


Nquku was armed with a bow and arrows, suggesting some skill in their use. He was the only other member of the Bradley Shelter other than Arthur Farrell to be armed with a rifle.


BAALO9 19 Ben & Nquku

Ben and Nquku glare at Vilma after finding Haruka's body in Phase 50.

Like the rest of the Merlin team, Nquku was introduced when Arthur Farrell showed it to Vilma Fachiri in ES 126. Later that night he joined a search party led by Arthur to search for Haruka when she failed to return for the night. He was one of the men who told Radha to back off when he got upset over Arthur's initial reaction to Haruka's death and helped carry him away after Arthur punched him.[1] The following day, he accompanied Arthur when the latter set off to defeat the Type-V mutants after being named the new leader of the Bradley Shelter by Marcus, armed with a bow and arrows and some type of rifle. When they found Vilma and Victor fighting on top of the Gateway Arch, Arthur had Nquku take 40 men to flank them from the left. After Victor fell from the Arch, some of Nquku's group rushed in too quickly despite his attempts to hold them back, resulting in them getting slaughtered by Victor.[2] Nquku warned about the sudden thaw that melted the Mississippi River when the impact winter ended and witnessed humanity's triumph over the Type-V mutants.[3]


Nquku was one of the many characters from Alita's past shown when Melchizedek reached out to her consciousness after her ego was shattered and her Imaginos Body dissolved following Super Nova's Seca attack.[4]